Akin Acres Chick Hatching Project


The purpose of the Chick Hatching Project is to allow homeschool students to see the miracle of the egg. As students watch the embryo in an egg, (by candling), grow from just a yolk and white into a fully formed chick they will be amazed at Godís perfect design for the egg.

What will students learn?

Students will learn the parts of the egg and how they contribute to the development of the chick. They will learn the stages of development such as when the heart, lungs, feathers, etc. develop.


What is provided?

We provide everything that is needed for incubating the eggs, and care of the chicks for up to a week after they hatch! We also provide learning material that will guide you through the development of the chick, care of the chicks, starting and running the incubator, and many other learning and hands on activities. This project opens up this opportunity for homeschoolers without the worry of finding fertile eggs, material, and disposing of chicks afterwards.


How does it work?

You can just call or email us and we will let you know when we have openings. You can let us know when it will work for your schedule and we will sign you up for that time. One week before you are scheduled to start incubating we will call or email you to set up a time for you to pick up the kit. Once you have picked up your hatching kit just follow the directions included. After hatching is complete you can give us a call to set up a time to return the equipment and chicks. Itís that simple!


What is the cost?

We are having an introductory price of $25. There is also a damage deposit of $75 to cover any damage that might occur to the equipment while it is in your charge. When you return the equipment in its original shape we will give you back the full deposit of $75.


Contact information:

Fredrick and Jeri Akin

Phone #: 405-598-6307

Address: 19901 Coker Rd

Tecumseh, OK


Email: familyfarm@akinacres.net

Webpage: akinacres.net