The goal here is to produce a Missouri Fox Trotter with excellent conformation, a natural, smooth, old style fox trot, and a sweet and intelligent pesonality. Add to that a beautiful coat of curls and you can't get much better.

Curly Missouri Fox Trotters are a rare horse that combines the unique traits of the curly horse with the awesome abilities of the Missouri Fox Trotter. Fox trotters are one of the top trail horses in America due to their smooth gaits, sweet personalities, and versatility. You add to that the hypo-allergenic coat and hardiness of the curly and you have a versatile trail horse that even people who are allergic to horses can ride! Yes, Curlies are HYPO-ALLERGENIC!

I will be providing links soon to some great websites to learn about curlies, gaited curlies, dominant versus recessive curlies, and foxtrotters in general. Check Back soon!

Below you will find information on the horses here at Akin Acres. I currently do not have any horses for sale but please take a look around and learn about these amazing animals!

This webpage is still under construction. Many of the pictures are older. I am working on updating them.

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Fire at 15 Months Old (Yes, he rubbed his mane out over the summer)

Fire at 7 Months Old (Right after his arrival at the farm)

Fire at 2 Moths Old


       Sire's Sire: DCC Vegas
Sire: ZGC Dallas
        Sire's Dam: Free Spirit Sarsparilla

        Dam's Sire:
Dam: Faux Gold
        Dam's Dam:

Fire is a stunning bay Curly Missouri Fox Trotter colt. At 13 months he stood at 14.2 hh and I expect him to mature close to 16 hh. He is a very sweet boy that wins your heart. Fire naturally fox trots. In fact, he fox trots a lot! I can't wait to see Fire's foals. They should be friendly, intelligent foals with excellent conformation that gait, gait, gait!

Fire comes from a rare line of Curly Missouri Fox Trotters that don't go back to Walker Prince T. in their pedigrees. He will be able to cross with many curly fox trotters with little to no inbreeding. Also, as I plan to breed him to some very nice straight haired mares many of his foals will also contain no Walker Prince T.

Sorry. No pictures at this time.



       Sire's Sire: Mr. President's Bud
Sire: Shakin Jake H.
        Sire's Dam: Ayankee Star

        Dam's Sire: Blue Boy's Entertainer
Dam: Molly's Blue Girl
        Dam's Dam: Molly H.

April is an old style fox trotter with that smooth gait to die for! She is an awesome trail horse that is level headed and great for beginners. She really takes vare of her rider. At 18 years old April is still going strong with excellent endurance. Her gait is natural, and she has passed it on to her daughter, August.

April also boasts excellent conformation. She even has four World Champion titles in Model! these qualities are passed to her foals.

There is a permanent place here for April!

I love this picture of Babe because you can see her sweet, responding nature.

Checking the cows on a winter's day.



        Sire's Sire: Walker's Prince T. No.II
Sire: Ginger's Prince Charming
        Sire's Dam: Rocket's Gingerette

        Dam's Sire: Paint's Big Jake
Dam: Patsy's Golden Holly
        Dam's Dam: Patsy's Golden Girl

Babe is a cute fully roaned Sabino with flaxen mane and tail. Babe loves to go and would much rather fox trot than walk a trail. Babe is an easy keeper. She is a sweet, gentle mare that I have put kids on that like to trot. Cross water, go through woods, roads, gullies, deer jumping out in front, Babe does it all no problem.

Though not a tall horse, she stands at 14.2, she is stoutly built and can carry her load. Babe is the horse of choice for my riders who like to go fast!

Peppie as a 3 year old at the local county fair.



        Sire's Sire: Money Maker
Sire: Sensation's Money Maker Joe
        Sire's Dam: Daring Time Delilah

        Dam's Sire: Johnson's Go Boy Lad
Dam: Lady's Bobbi G
        Dam's Dam: Charlie Joe's Lady

I have had Peppie since she was a two year old. She is a big girl at 15.1 hh. She has a ton of reach and head shake. Peppie's fox trot is fast. My trainer said the Quarter Horses had to go into a lope to keep up with her!

Peppie should pass on some nice qualities to her offspring including conformation, gait, nad color.

Biscuit at 4 months old.



        Sire's Sire:
        Sire's Dam:

        Dam's Sire:
        Dam's Dam:

Biscuit is a coming three year old black and white tobiano. Biscuit has a lot of the foundation stallions close in her pedigree. Biscuit is a shy but sweet mare. She fox trots nicely on her own and I can't wait to ride it! My first horse to start under saddle on my own, Biscuit has been fun to work with.

Doodle at 5 months old.

Doodle at 2 months old.



        Sire's Sire: DCC Vegas
Sire: ZGC Dallas
        Sire's Dam: Free Spirit Sarsparilla

        Dam's Sire: Flash's Indian Music
Dam: Flash of Diamonds
        Dam's Dam: Britt's Koko Dust

Curly! Gold Papered!

Doodle was my first foal born on the farm. This is my baby! Doodle takes after her dam with her quiet nature, natural smooth fox trot, and tobiano coloring. Nothing fazes Doodle. She does not spook and loves, loves people. In the spring she will be two. Hard to belive how fast she has grown up! Doodle already ground drives and wears a bareback pad cinched up no problems. She should be an easy girl to start under saddle.

August at 2 months old.


Newborn. Let me sleep!



        Sire's Sire: Star's Lucky Touch
Sire: DCC Vegas
        Sire's Dam: Memorial's Sassy Princess

        Dam's Sire: Shakin Jake H.
Dam: Jake's April Queen
        Dam's Dam: Molly's Blue Girl

Curly! Gold Papered!

August is an extremely correct fox trotter. She does a beatiful, smooth, natural gait which is expected from an April baby! A flashy black and white adds to her charms. Both April and August handled the August birth here in hot Oklahoma very well. August is very smart and has almost caught up with Doodle in her training. Doodle and August are best buddies.